My background is interdisciplinary.

My graduate research is fueled by my interest in the intersections of mind, brain, and culture, technology and subjectivity. My creative work is equal parts critical inquiry and artistic expression.

In the last few years, I’ve approached the ‘human experience’ from multiple spheres: the neurobiological, the anthropological, the sociopolitical, the artistic. My engagement with film stems from my desire to use the medium of visual storytelling to lay bare the phenomenological in an audiovisual manner, and to steward stories that communicate concepts, emotional and intellectual, for an audience outside the academy. I am drawn to investigate barriers to resources and systemic-level crises, examine divergent ways of understanding and experiencing, celebrate the search for meaning, and highlight the idiosyncratic folly of human life.

I am the recipient of a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting Fellowship and Thomas J. Watson Fellowship. I hold a B.S. in Neuroscience from Bates College and am currently in pursuit of an MSc. in Social & Transcultural Psychiatry from McGill University under the supervision of Suparna Choudhury, PhD and Laurence Kirmayer, MD. I am a graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.